About Me

cropped-cropped-kimlookingupbw2.jpgGayle Saks-Rodriguez has been a writer since filling her fourth grade diary with such perfectly crafted sentences as: “Ricky is getting confirmed tomorrow. Since I’m Jewish, I’m not really sure what it does. I should congradulate [sic] him though.”

She has written about everything from her mother’s double-suicide, online dating, a failed colonoscopy, to her work with male, female and juvenile inmates, with deep honesty, candor and humor. A piece about her best friend’s addiction to crystal meth was chosen as an Editor’s Pick on opensalon.com, the sister site of Salon.com. Most recently she appeared on a panel with two other middle-aged women on HuffPost Live where she will always be remembered as the “woman who had a hot flash at the Jay Z concert.”

She has recently begun to speak publicly about her mother’s experiences as a Holocaust Survivor, as her role as a second generation survivor and how the torch is now being passed to her teenage daughter to keep that legacy alive.

Saks-Rodriguez (when she wasn’t yet a hyphenate) grew up on Long Island in a town that most people have never heard of and lives in the Greater Boston area with her husband, daughter, two cats and a dog or as her husband says, “Too many beating hearts.”



  1. Arlene Bryer

    HI Gayle, I just wanted to connect with you after reading your article on Kveller “After My Holocaust Survivor Mother’s Suicide, Passing Her Legacy to My Daughter”. I too am a daughter of a hidden child, and also a daughter of a survivor of Auschwitz. I was lucky to have 2 very emotionally stable parents which was amazing considering what they went through.
    If you’d like to connect (I also live in Boston), please email me at hbryer@hotmail.com or my cell is 781-589-7710.
    Arlene Bryer

  2. Hey, I just read your article on the Fix, as it was emailed to me by my Supervisor. I am a Recovery Coach. I appreciate your insightfulness and look forward to reading more of your work. Please drop by my place if you get a chance: http://www.abbiegrrl.wordpress.com

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