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cropped-cropped-kimlookingupbw2.jpgGayle Saks-Rodriguez has been a writer since filling her fourth grade diary with such perfectly crafted sentences as: “Ricky is getting confirmed tomorrow. Since I’m Jewish, I’m not really sure what it does. I should congradulate [sic] him though.”

She has written about everything from her mother’s double-suicide, online dating, a failed colonoscopy, to her work with male, female and juvenile inmates, with deep honesty, candor and humor. A piece about her best friend’s addiction to crystal meth was chosen as an Editor’s Pick on opensalon.com, the sister site of Salon.com. Most recently she appeared on a panel with two other middle-aged women on HuffPost Live where she will always be remembered as the “woman who had a hot flash at the Jay Z concert.”

She has recently begun to speak publicly about her mother’s experiences as a Holocaust Survivor, as her role as a second generation survivor and how the torch is now being passed to her teenage daughter to keep that legacy alive.

Saks-Rodriguez (when she wasn’t yet a hyphenate) grew up on Long Island in a town that most people have never heard of and lives in the Greater Boston area with her husband, daughter, two cats and a dog or as her husband says, “Too many beating hearts.”


  1. Arlene Bryer

    HI Gayle, I just wanted to connect with you after reading your article on Kveller “After My Holocaust Survivor Mother’s Suicide, Passing Her Legacy to My Daughter”. I too am a daughter of a hidden child, and also a daughter of a survivor of Auschwitz. I was lucky to have 2 very emotionally stable parents which was amazing considering what they went through.
    If you’d like to connect (I also live in Boston), please email me at hbryer@hotmail.com or my cell is 781-589-7710.
    Arlene Bryer

  2. Hey, I just read your article on the Fix, as it was emailed to me by my Supervisor. I am a Recovery Coach. I appreciate your insightfulness and look forward to reading more of your work. Please drop by my place if you get a chance: http://www.abbiegrrl.wordpress.com

  3. Ted Williams

    Not really good at technology, so I’m not sure if you’ll see this or not. If you do, please know that I wanted to be there today but just could not do it. I have been mourning his death for a long time. Way before it actually happened. Decades, really. Craig and I disagreed about Elton John. I was never too keen on him. But we did both love the song about Mona Lisa and mad hatters. Tonight, for the first time in about thirty years, I listened to it again, and again, and again. It seems to me that, much like the character in the song, Craig knew not when it was dark outside or light.

    1. Ted, have no clue if you’ll see this but what’s your email address?

    2. Ted, have no clue if you’ll see this but email me at gaylesaks@gmail.com.

  4. Hi! (Maybe again! I just tried to comment but I’m not sure if it went through so if this is a duplicate please disregard… )
    I just read your post on the Huffington Post and felt compelled to reach out to you and share my experiences with you. I started a blog a few years ago after that weird ghost stuff actually started happening TO ME. Before that I was super skeptical of all people saying they c9ould connect with the other side – I figured that some people COULD, I just wasn’t sure if all of those purported mediums DID.
    Anyway – I don’t give readings for money and I don’t do demonstrations, but I have basically found myself in the same footsteps as those mediums. Weird things happen to me and I know things that I couldn’t know otherwise. I started a blog to try to help explain it to my family and my friends- just so they can hear it from somebody who they knew wasn’t trying to pull their leg. If this stuff isn’t real – I have truly lost it! Ha!
    Anyway- I hope you’ll give it a quick look- I just may help you get some clarity on the whole “spirit” (not plural!) thing.
    The first post that starts the story is “And so it begins.”

    1. Hi! I will ABSOLUTELY check it out. You’re so adorable how could I not??? Thanks a million for reading the post and for reaching out.

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