1. firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion.
2. characterized by firmness and determination, as the temper, spirit, actions, etc.

Along with the ubiquitous “lose ten pounds,” “save money,” “stop smoking,” for me, the blind item has always been “Stop squandering your talent. WRITE SOMETHING.”

When I was in elementary school, I tapped out about 20 pages of a wannabe novel called “He Was My Best Friend, He Was My Brother” (clearly poised to be optioned for an after-school special), typed in all caps and red ink. It was passed around the lunchroom, friends of mine pulling up to the table to get in line to read it. When my real life brother got spinal meningitis, the disease I used in the book to kill off the fake one, I got spooked, and never finished.

Ask old friends from camp what they remember about me, most of them will instantly spit out an image of me, on my top bunk, scribbling in a journal or reading a book. And, when one of those same friends (thank you Lauren) continues to yell at you for NOT writing now, well, you get sick of hearing her and do something like this, the modern day version of me scribbling from a top bunk.



  1. I guess it would be obvious to say that I can relate. My fear is that without a "theme" (my friend Kami has working motherhood as her blog's theme, and it's VERY funny, by the way, or the chick from Austin in "Julie and Julia" who cooked all the Julia Child recipes for a year), I'll run out of things to say. I already feel like I'm repeating myself.Anyway, I enjoyed hearing about your writing endeavors back in elementary school. Sounds pretty advanced. I was heavily influenced by all those Irwin Allen disaster movies of that time. I remember my neighbor Henry Jackson and I tried to write a screenplay called "13 Cars of Danger" about a runaway train — the largest train ever built. I was very proud of the title, because, as you may know, the number 13 is a harbinger of bad LUCK! Oh man, funny shit. Thanks for pulling up that memory for me. And speaking of titles, "My Life in the Middle Ages" is pretty good!

  2. I have officially been trying to comment for three whole days now. With each entry I read, I become more convinced that I made the right decision to "hound you" to publish something. You are a natural Gayle, and you will soon see how talented you really are. I am so very proud of you. If this comment does post, I will be sure to post my original thoughts, as well….

  3. Yay. I finally figured out how to post something! Here are my original thoughts on this blog. This is only the beginning Gayle. I KNOW that this is the start of something big. Soon you will realize that you have always held the power to change your own destiny. I sincerely believe that you are incredibly talented and should be published. I am certain that you ARE different from all of the other wannabe writers out there. You have been practicing ever since you were a little girl. Now is your time to shine. Continue to reach for the stars and DO NOT forget me when you make the NYT Best Seller list. xoxo P.S. Your mom would be very proud to read this blog.

  4. Oh, Lauren. These comments were well worth waiting for. Thank you for being my biggest fan.

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